2012 Hazardous and Petroleum Assessment Grant


The Town of Framingham received a $400,000 Brownfields Assessment Grant from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in May 2012. The grant is divided into two, $200,000 awards: 1 for Hazardous Materials Assessments and 1 for Petroleum Assessments. This 3 year grant will expire in Fall 2015.


The grant will be used to continue ongoing brownfields activities that were undertaken as part of our previous grants (2008 and 2009) to “provide funding for recipients to inventory, characterize, assess, and conduct cleanup and redevelopment planning and community involvement related to brownfield sites.” The town’s grant is “community-wide” as opposed to “site-specific”. This allows investigations and assessments of a number of vacant or under utilized properties throughout the town with a focus on the Downtown and Southeast Framingham areas. With both Hazardous and Petroleum Assessment funding the town has the flexibility to look at a variety of sites with suspected contamination including petroleum spills or abandoned underground storage tanks that may be leaking. Use this link to view the U.S. EPA's Framingham Grant Factsheet.

Uses for Funding

The bulk of the funding will pay for a state-approved Licensed Site Professional (LSP) to update the town's inventory of vacant or under-utilized properties and to perform more detailed assessments on a series of properties chosen based on their potential for redevelopment and re-use. The program will fund detailed assessments on up to 8 sites and allows for a number of targeted redevelopment planning ("area-wide planning") studies on areas with multiple suspected contamination sites.

Public Outreach Campaigns

The grant also provides for a targeted public outreach campaign that includes multilingual education and opportunities for community feedback on both brownfields and redevelopment issues. This project can have far-reaching effects for community revitalization including mitigating environmental impacts, stimulating economic development, and the engagement of under-served and minority populations. The goal of the program is to lay the groundwork for a successful redevelopment of selected properties that will contribute toward the town’s revitalization efforts.

Administration of Grant

The grant is being administered by the Town of Framingham’s Community and Economic Development office. Please contact the Brownfields Program at 508-532-5455 or for additional information. Public comments are encouraged throughout the process.