Letter from the Town Manager

Dear Landowner and Development Community,

Become part of the Permit Framingham: Plan – Build – Grow initiative by locating and growing your business in Framingham.

The Town of Framingham is excited to announce the significant strides it has taken to become a business friendly community. Framingham was once able to rely on its central location, infrastructure, and accessibility to transportation as a way to attract businesses and development. However, times have changed, technology has modified the way we do business and the economic recession opened the eyes of the Town. Although the Town could not mitigate the impacts of the economic recession, the Town did take the economic downturn as an opportunity to redesign its permitting process and bring Framingham to the forefront of the permitting process.

After the Town became a Chapter 43D: Expedited Permitting Community in 2013, the Town decided to recreate its entire permitting process. The Town envisioned a permitting process that was easy to use and navigate for all projects, no matter the size. 

To read the Town Managers full letter click here. 

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Robert Halpin, Town Manager
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