Water Meter Replacement Program (Residential)

  1. Frequently Asked Questions
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What is the meter replacement program?

Framingham Public Works has implemented this program to replace the 6,500 water meters that are currently within the system that are greater than 15 years old.  Meters that are greater than 15 years old have a higher tendency to not read accurately or fail all together.  Replacing these meters will allow for the following:

-Reduced visits to your property

-Improved customer service by increasing accuracy of meter reading.

-Reduction in estimated bills

-Quick answers to billing questions.

-Detection of broken meters

-Detection of leaks


Who will be performing the work?

The Town of Framingham has contracted with Baystate Winsupply to perform the meter replacements.


Where is my water meter?

Your water meter is most likely located in your basement or crawl space, usually along the front wall of your house, where your water service (pipe) enters your home or business from the street.  In most situations, the meter will have a shutoff valve on the street side of the meter as the pipe enters the house.  Sometimes, you may also have a shutoff valve on the house side of the meter as well.


What do I have to do now?

No action is required at this time.  When the installer is ready to schedule your neighborhood, you will receive a mailing from Baystate Winsupply to schedule your appointment.  You will be able to schedule your appointment either online or through a toll-free telephone number. The mailing will provide you with a work order and service number which you will need to schedule your appointment.


What will I need to do on the day of the appointment?

Before you make your appointment, you should ensure that your meter is accessible.  You will verify that the installation contractor is displaying the proper identification, then show the installer where your meter is located.  The work typically takes less than a half hour, during which time you will not have water service.


Do I have to be home at the time of the appointment?

Yes.  Someone aged 18 or over must be home to allow the installers to access the existing meter, and to sign to verify the installation was performed.


How do I know that it is okay to let someone in my home?

You will have scheduled an appointment with the installation firm for a particular time, so you will know when to expect them.  Installation personnel will not attempt to enter your house at other times.  The installer will be wearing clothing identifying his or her company (Baystate Winsupply), will be driving a vehicle with the company’s markings, and will have an identification badge from that company and from the Town of Framingham.


How many people will enter my home?

For most appointments, only a single person from the installation firm will need to enter your home.  For a few appointments, the installer may be accompanied by a second person from the same company, a licensed plumber, or a Framingham Public Works employee.


What will they do inside my house?

Generally the installer will locate your water meter, remove the old meter, and install the new meter. They will then test the radio transmitter of the newly installed meter, take a picture of the old meter and new meter, and then clean up the area.


How long will the installation take?

Under normal circumstances, the installation will take about 30 minutes. The water will have to be turned off until the meter is changed.  Please be advised that there may be some trapped air or slight discoloration in the water line that result from turning the water off and on.  This will clear up after running your cold water for a few minutes.  You may hear some noise as the air exits spigots and fixtures.  This is normal.


How much will the new meter cost me?

There is no direct cost to water customers for the new meters.  The program is being funded by the Town of Framingham.


What if I do not want my meter replaced?

This is a mandatory project.  The Town has the right and responsibility to gain access to all premises for water meter work (Framingham Water Regulation, Section 4.14).  Failure to schedule your appointment may result in your account being flagged as an estimated read account, potentially resulting in inflated estimates of your usage on your bill until such time that the meter is replaced.  Penalties and fees as established by the Water Regulations would also apply.

If you have further questions, please call the Water Department at 508-532-6050.