Team Framingham

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About Team Framingham

Each December, the Board of Selectmen randomly select 25 Framingham residents or employees of the Town of Framingham and Framingham Public Schools to participate in the Boston Marathon as part of Team Framingham. Applications for runners interested in participating in the random selection process for these coeted invitation entry numbers are made available on the Town of Framingham's website annually. Highlights from the adopted “guiding principles and procedures” for the allocation of the invitational entries are as follows:

  • The Town will utilize a random selection process to allocate twenty-five (25) invitational entry applications for the Boston Marathon. The random selection will be held in December and will be open to the public. The applicant must be the person who will be running the Boston Marathon.
  • Framingham residents or employees of the Town of Framingham and Framingham Public Schools will be eligible to enter the random selection process provided they commit to a fund raising effort to support one of several charities, non-profits, or programs to be designated.
  • There will be a finite number of charities, non-profits, and programs selected by the Board of Selectmen and Chief of Police. Runners selected by the random selection process will be required to choose one of the designated charities, non-profits or programs to conduct fund raising for.
  • Runners selected by random selection will commit to a minimum fundraising target of $500 in support of one of the designated charities, non-profits or programs but an expectation that they try to reach a target of $2,000. The minimum target may be increased from year to year.
  • Runners must be 18 years of age or older on April 21st of the selection year. This is a Boston Athletic Association requirement. 
  • The runner is responsible for the $325 “invitational fee” paid to the Boston Athletic Association as part of the application process. This is a BAA requirement.
  • Participants are encouraged to begin a running program prior to the actual selection of the team so that they will have a good “base” for the rigorous training necessary to be fully prepared for the marathon.
  • Training for and running in a marathon is a physically challenging and demanding undertaking. It is strongly recommended that applicants meet with their primary care physician before engaging in this program, particularly those individuals who have not run before or those who have not engaged in long distance running.

2017 Team Framingham Runners:

        • Travis Songer
        • Andrew Chester
        • Daniel Roop
        • Diana Linn
        • Breda O’Connor
        • Vernon Turner
        • Robert Young
        • Mark Goldschmidt
        • Joseph Kynoch
        • Ardria Cucinotta
        • Lane Gordon
        • Jason Miller
        • Christopher Bogardus
        • Alexander Malykhin
        • Adrienne Donohue
        • Jessica Laprel
        • Michael Wilson
        • Donald Cavicchi III
        • Scott Pettingell
        • Drew Halberstadt
        • Matt Trostel
        • Andrew McDonnell

Wait List Runners:

        • Daniel Napierski
        • Steven Clark
        • Amy Russo
        • Michelle Fields
        • Thomas Begin
        • Dalia Rabinovich
        • Caroline DiCicco
        • Laci Gentry
        • Julie Gelardi
        • Lisa Burgess
        • Lindsay Goodwin
        • Jamie Burgoyne
        • Joseph Mazzola