What is the role of the Planning Board? 
The Planning Board is an elected reviewing authority established by the Massachusetts General Law (M.G.L.) Chapter 41, Section 81A.

When does the Planning Board meet? Are the meetings open to the public?
The Planning Board generally meet every Thursday in the Ablondi Room at 7 p.m. Planning Board meetings are public, unless the Board deems it necessary to enter into an executive session meeting through M.G.L.

Where can the public look at applications that is under the Planning Board's review?
All applications are currently available here on the website ("Development Projects"). Updates regarding each hearing can be found on the specific project's event page on the Planning Board Facebook.

How can I obtain a copy of the current Zoning ByLaw?
A copy can be obtained in the Planning Board office ($12.00). In addition, you may view/download it online at no charge ("Zoning Bylaws"). 

How can I find out what zoning district my property is located in? 
This information can be assessed online on the Town's GIS Webpage and in the Zoning Bylaw. If you are not able to locate your zoning district, Planning Board staff are available for assistance.

Where can I find a schedule of fees and applications? 

A schedule of fees and all Planning Board applications can be downloaded on the website ("Forms, Applications, and Fee Schedule"). 

How can I be informed about a proposed projects in my community?
The Planning Board mails notices to direct abutters, applicable Town Meeting members, and list of interested parties for all projects that require a public hearing. You may also check the Planning Board agendas online ("Minutes & Agenda Portal"). In addition, legal notices are posted for two consecutive weeks in the local newspaper. 

Am I required to attend a public hearing if I receive a notice in the mail?
You are not required to attend a public hearing. The notice is only to inform you that a hearing is being held, in the event you may want to attend, make verbal, or send written comments.

How can I state my concerns if I cannot attend a public hearing?
Comments may be submitted in writing prior to the close of the public hearing via mail or email. These letters should be signed and include the name and address of the writer. Copies will be provided to the Board members and saved to the project’s file as part of the public record.

Will I receive a notification of a decision?
Notices of Decision are mailed to direct abutters, applicable Town Meeting members, and a list of interested parties for all projects that require a public hearing. This information is also made available on the Planning Board’s Facebook page and Webpage.

Can I appeal a decision? How?

Appeals may be made to Superior Court (in some cases, Land Court). There is a 20-day appeal period (from the date the decision is filed with the Town Clerk) on Special Permits, Site Plan Review, Approval Not Required, and Definitive Subdivision Plans. You will not receive notice of any appeals filed by other parties


Can't find the answer you are looking for?

Planning Board staff are available Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Additionally, you may reach the Planning Board office at (508) 532-5450 or by sending us an email at: PlanningBoard@Framinghamma.gov