Request for Determination of Applicability

Starting the Process
Get the Request for Determination of Applicability-WPA Form 1 and RDA Checklist.

Make an Appointment
Call 508-532-5460 to make an appointment and receive other forms that are needed.

Create a Plan
Create a plan showing all proposed work, erosion controls, and jurisdictional areas.

Make Copies
Make 9 copies of the forms (no binding) and plans (folded) and deliver 8 of them to the Conservation Office. Submit the remaining copies to the state. You will then receive your the hearing time and date. Hearings are usually on the 1st or 3rd Wednesday evening of every month.

Notify Your Neighbors
Notify abutters of the hearing. Abutters are generally those that have property within a 100 foot radius of the property where work will be done.

Complete and Deliver Paperwork
Please note that hearing times are not assigned until all the necessary paperwork is delivered to the office. The earlier you start the process the better.

Site Visit
A pre-hearing site visit will be scheduled and attended by an agent of the commission. Commissioners that are available may attend. The pre-hearing site visits are typically held on Friday mornings starting at 9 a.m.