What to do to Report a Stolen Vehicle?

Steps to Take to Report a Stolen Vehicle
  1. Call 911 if the theft of your vehicle is in progress. Any other time please call our non-emergency number at 508-872-1212.
  2. Have your license plate number or Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) available. Your title will have the VIN number as well as your insurance policy paperwork. Keep your title in a secured location in your home. Do not keep it in your vehicle.
  3. This basic information with a physical description of your vehicle is immediately broadcast to all patrol officers.
  4. You are required to come into the Police Station and file a written auto theft report.
Note: If a lending company has repossessed your vehicle, they are required to notify the law enforcement agency for that jurisdiction. If you should move or change your telephone numbers you should immediately contact the police department with the new information.

That is how you are notified when your vehicle is recovered. If your vehicle is returned, you should notify the police department to officially report your vehicle as recovered.